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7 Ways to Tour India On a Budget

Budgeted Vacationing in India

Rohit Agarwal | January 24, 2017


India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has a rich heritage, culture and diversity. It makes a perfect holiday destination for families as well as group and solo travelers. Although touring is quite an exciting task, it requires you to set aside a good amount of money which can many a time burn a hole in your pocket if proper planning is not done. With effective planning, one can not only travel all across India and enjoy its beauty but can also save up quite a lot to make up for shopping and relishing good food apart from saving.

Here are seven ways a person can tour India on a low budget.

1. Budget Accommodation – From houseboats to desert tents


Hotels of different budgets are available in India and one may choose from a variety of accommodation types ranging from houseboats to palaces. There are hotels available which provide you with adequate comfort and style and yet available at quite low costs. Some hotels are located far away from city. These are relatively cheaper than the ones located in heart of city. Hence, a person may choose a hotel which is not in busy areas so as to save up on room rent. Most hotels also have offers and discounts when you book them online. Hence you may look up on internet to avail any such discounts on your accommodation.

2. Budget Transportation – From overnight buses to sleeper class trains


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Choosing your mode of transport is very important to save up on cost. If you wish to travel by air then it would be advisable to book your tickets much in advance so as to avail tickets at a lower cost. If you are comfortable traveling in train or bus then you may opt for these modes as they would help you lower your cost further. Also you need to decide what mode of transport you will use to navigate around the city. Hiring your own personal car for rent or choosing a taxi every time you want to go around from one place to another may turn out quite expensive. It would be advisable to use the tour buses provided by the state governments which are available at quite reasonable rates. Or you may choose to use public transport like trains or buses to navigate from one place to another. From auto rickshaws to hand drawn rickshaws, metro to double deck buses, you will get the taste of local transport too.

3. Plan a budget for food allowance


Before you set out for your tour you need to plan and set aside an amount for your food and beverages. Since you would be traveling to a new destination it is likely that you would have outside meals most of the times. Find out the hotels which serve you authentic state food but which are not overly priced but you get to taste the local flavor. You may also check street food which is famous to the city. Make sure you do not exceed the budget allocated to each meal. Try Litti-chokha in Bihar/Jharkhand, Rajma-Chawal in Himachal Pradesh/Punjab, Chole Bature in Delhi, Idli and dosa in the South, Vada Pav in Maharashtra, so on and so forth.

4. Choose budgeted destinations


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Few places like Ooty, Pondicherry, Kodaikanal are quite cheaper to visit when compared to metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. One interesting way is to choose the off-beat destinations and off-season destinations. Choosing your destination wisely can not only save up on cost but you can also enjoy breathtaking views and scenic beauty in these destinations.

5. Plan your budget on entertainment

You may opt for visiting malls and parks or any such entertainment places where you need not pay entry ticket. Look out for combo deals in which you can save up on some money when you book tickets for a few entertainment options together. Avoid such activities which are very expensive and may use a large amount of your money on them.

6. Budget your gifts and souvenirs


Every place is associated with its own specialty. You may limit your gifts to your close family and omit spending lavishly on buying extravagant gifts. You may also choose to capture your holiday memories by pictures rather than buying expensive souvenirs. This will also help your travel luggage stay light.

7. Plan your trip during off season


Going on a vacation during peak seasons can turn out quite expensive. You may instead, opt for traveling during off seasons when the prices of hotels and travel tickets would be lesser. This way you may both enjoy your trip as well as save your hard earned money.

These tips can help you have a successful budgeted Indian expedition while you and your family enjoy a delightful trip with lots of fun and memories.


Rohit Agarwal
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Rohit Agarwal

Rohit is a travel enthusiast and a lover of culture, heritage, language, diversity, local food, wild spaces, beaches, mountains, rivers and everything about India. He excels in finding efficient budgeted ways to experience India the best. You can connect to him through his blog at Trans India Travels. Other articles by this author



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