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April Kaamic – Nepal Earthquake

Vasudha Srinivasan | April 30, 2015


UPDATE : Thank you so much for your generous support – we received close to 200 likes and shares across all our platforms. As a cap was set and it wasn’t maximised, the full amount has been donated. For everyone in Nepal, our well wishes are with you as you continue doing the good that you are.
See you next month!

For updates on Vik’s campaign, you can check back on the platform Nepal Earthquake Immediate Relief 

April Kaamic

As the death toll in Nepal rises and there’s an urgent need for assistance, this  month’s kaamic is dedicated to everyone who’s doing their bit trying to help those affected in Nepal.

It is also personal as two good friends of mine, Vik and Marouan, were volunteering in Nepal when this happened. Thankfully they’re  safe and because they can, they’re co-ordinating a grassroots relief effort, Nepal Earthquake Immediate Relief Fund  as much needed help is trickling in at a much slower rate than what is required.

To do my part, I will personally be donating 50 cents for every “Like” this Kaamic receives in the next 72 hours (i.e  until 3 May 3pm SGT) to help them.

So, please spread the word and thank you so much for your support :)

Ps: A huge hug to Little India Directory for letting me use them as a platform for this cause

Things to note :

You’re welcome to donate directly by clicking on the link above. This is an Indiegogo Life platform, 100% of your donation is going to the relief efforts. Also, if you’d like to know more about them, here’s Vik on LinkedIn and Marowan.

As this is a personal donation, I have set a cap of $500. Thank you for your understanding!

A friend of mine has kindly shared a useful spreadsheet which consolidates information about donating, resources to find people and contacts in area volunteering amongst other things

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