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Dhawal Shah is an entrepreneur, fashion writer and adventurer. He is the co-founder of Hucklebury, a online fashion label. He is also the co-founder of 2Stallions Digital Agency and the technical guru behind Little India Directory. He loves adventures and most recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent.



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Gandhi Restaurant

Just had dinner at Gandhi's and as usual, a very economical choice with excellent dosais (onion rawa is my personal favourite here) and vadais, washed down with a cup of tea! As you can see from the attached image, it's the choice for a lot of people in the area!


Fifth Season Tangra Chinese Restaurant

My first visit to Fifth Season for a Chinese New Year meal with an Indian twist was a great success. Three things of note:1) Their pan-fried momos - a version unique to the Tangra district (Chinatown of Calcutta) - tasted exquisite and very unlike (read spicier) the usual Nepali steamed momos.2) The staff was extremely accommodating and filled with useful nuggets of information about their brand of food and history, which made for a very satisfying meal.3) The popularity of the place. It completely filled up by 12.30pm, with not an empty seat to be found which, in my opinion, is always a mark of a restaurant with good food.Looking for Indian Chinese cuisine in Little India? This place is a must-try. Check out the full review here: //www.littleindiadirectory.com/taste-china-little-india/


Ananda Bhavan Restaurant (Serangoon Branch)

I have visited the Ananda Bhavan Changi Airport branch a number of times - but this was my first time at their Serangoon Road outlet. My initial impression when I walked in was that it was rather small, completely full (due to minimal seating), and there was a weird smell in the air. I would have left immediately had it not been for the smiling Indian staff at the entrance who directed me to second floor seating.I ventured up, and was greeted by a similar setup on the second floor - sans the smell. I ordered a rava masala thosai, a vadai and a coffee. I wanted to know if they had a set meal but the staff behind the counter was from China and was unable to understand my query - so I made do with buying each item separately.The vadai was excellent, and the coffee was decent as well. The rava masala thosai had really good presentation (see attached image), which was appetizing. However, taste-wise, the 'masala' portion fell well short of expectations. The saving grace was their excellent array of chutneys - a white coconut one, a red tomato one and a green mint one. Overall, good value for money (although not the cheapest).Not my top recommendation, but on a rainy day with a hungry stomach, definitely worth it.


Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

I was looking for a place to lunch in Little India and decided to go to a tried and tested favourite. This place NEVER disappoints - and with a menu that has now expanded to over 400 items, I was spoilt for choice. I decided on the Nasi Lemak, which had me salivating just from the great aroma it gives off! It tasted just as exquisite.For drink - I tried their Mango Lassi. I would rank this as average. It is not as impressive as some I've tried at other restaurants. However, it still hit the spot.Need a fail safe restaurant to recommend in Little India? Gokul should be the first place on your tongue!



I would never have found this place by myself - and it wouldn't be a place many would explore, as it is only accessible via a narrow staircase beside Copper Chimney and very nondescript. The restaurant was quiet and very unlike the usual hustle and bustle you experience elsewhere in Little India (probably due to its inaccessibility).I ended up here due to a voucher my friend had from Free Famous Food for a Vegetarian Thali. I ordered the Vegetable Dum Biryani for myself. The pricing was just above average but the food was pretty decent. The menu was quite interesting, with both veg and non-veg options from Northern and Southern cuisines. I got to try some of the dishes from the Thali and the kheer was excellent from there.I'd recommend this place if you're looking for Andhra food (I saw quite a few dishes from there) and if you want some peace and quiet on Syed Alwi Road for a decently priced meal.


Mumbai Magic

Went for lunch at Mumbai Magic... The ambience of the place isn't much to shout about but I had their Punjabi thali and it was really tasty and affordable at $7. They have thalis from different parts of India, which was something new. If you can't eat spicy food though, stay away from the Punjabi thali - ask them for their non-spicy recommendations. I wasn't impressed by their masala tea, which didn't taste like it had any masala in it and I was also a little surprised that they served chappatis with their Punjabi thali instead of naan but it made for a lighter meal so I wasn't complaining. I would definitely go back again to try their other other thalis!


Madras New Woodlands Restaurant

Came to Madras New Woodlanda for lunch just before the lunch crowd hit. A very popular place and for good reason. Had their Paper dosai (they accidentally served it with masala) and their Vadai set (check out the photo below) with a madras coffee to round it off. Love their tomato and coconut chutneys and their food tastes great. Service can drop off drastically during the lunch hour rush though! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for South Indian cuisine!


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