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How to Beat the Flu Blues This Flu Season

Yash Melwani | July 21, 2017

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Hong Kong has been taken by a storm this summer, no… not just the hideous rainstorms, but with a rapid outbreak of the flu.

The situation is so dire that private hospitals are being requested to take patients from public hospital wards. This is because occupancy rates are up to 124 per cent amongst flu peak. Patients from these hospitals have had to wait up to an unbelievable eight hours to receive treatment, further highlighting how severe the current situation is.

Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicines’ Vice-President, Axel Siu, has pleaded for the Government to bring in retired emergency medicine doctors to prevent this epidemic from worsening. It seems that this summer Hong Kong will have more to worry about than heavy rain showers, uncontrollable pollution, and overwhelming humidity.

Not to worry. I have a few suggestions on how to avoid the flu and the accompanying blues.

1. Drink Turmeric (Haldi) Milk


Sorry to those with a sweet tooth. Replace that sugary chocolate milk with the bitter but beneficial turmeric milk for a few weeks to stop sickness. Not only does it help against the prevention of long-term diseases such as cancer, it helps avoid all sorts of day-to-day illnesses associated with the flu. Since turmeric milk is antimicrobial, it helps combat bacterial and viral infections, which is why it will come in handy this flu season.

2. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A guava, an apple, an orange, it doesn’t matter what it is- if it’s healthy, it’s helping. Having heard this idiom many a time, I urge citizens of Hong Kong to consume the right, clean foods in order to get all the appropriate nutrients to build a stronger immune system at this critical time of year.

3. Injections for Infections


Why not take advantage of the state of the art medicine by getting a vaccination before you fall sick? Don’t fear the pointy needle, it’s worth beating the system and escaping the flu instead of a hospital trip in a weakened state!

4. Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands


You may not have expected to be reminded of this children song, but it is vital now! We, Hong Kongers, lead extremely busy lives, in an awfully densely populated metropolis- so it’s not too common to forget about the little things. Many of us may take hand washing for granted, so an important reminder to all is to stay hygienic. The Centre for Health Protection recommends to thoroughly wash the palms, hands, fingers, thumbs, and wrists for 20 seconds with soap- live by this and you’ll save yourself that expensive and time-consuming visit to your doctor.

Stay safe Hong Kong – avoid the flu and the blues!

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