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Deepavali Bazaar 2013 – A Feast for the Senses!

Jainita Dadlani | October 29, 2013

Indian Festivals  

Get ready to feast your senses this Deepavali with bazaars galore in Little India. Be sure to check out the two Deepavali bazaars flanking both ends of this bustling area as it gears up for the Hindu festival of lights. With something to catch your attention everywhere you turn, soak in a dazzling array of colours, tastes, smells and sounds as you join in the festivities. We give you a glimpse of what to look forward to and hopefully whet your appetite for more!

Date: now till 2 November 2013
Location 1: Campbell Lane, just at the start of Serangoon Road (nearest MRT: Little India)
Location 2: Open field along Birch Road opposite Mustafa Centre (nearest MRT: Farrer Park)

Deepavali Bazaar 2013 - Deepavali Festival Village in Little India Singapore

Crowds headed towards the Deepavali bazaar located next to the Little India Arcade, officially known as the ‘Deepavali Festival Village’. With its striking signage along the main Serangoon Road, you can’t miss it! Or do it the Singaporean way – follow the throngs of people – because where there’s a crowd, there’s surely something good! Just watch out for traffic (which usually slows down for pedestrians) while jaywalking!

Deepavali Bazaar along Campbell Lane in Little India, Singapore.

Happy Deepavali! Less than two weeks to go before the big day. If you haven’t started on your holiday shopping, fret not. This bazaar is your one-stop destination for all things Deepavali related. The variety available will delight you – statues of Gods and Goddesses and incense sticks for all your prayer needs, décor, oil lamps, tealights, sparklers, clothes, jewelry, paintings, music CDs, sweet delicacies – you’ll find everything you need at bargain prices!

Trinkets and decorations hanging at Deepavali Festival Village

With trinkets and decorative hangings suspended from the heavens, you’ll find yourself engulfed by so many colours that it will almost feel like it’s raining rainbows! Those of you who are vertically blessed may have to occasionally duck your head, or risk getting tangled!

A customer checks out Deepavali decorations in Little India, Singapore.

Every stall has their wares out on display in full force. See and touch to your heart’s content before deciding on your favourite décor.

Friendly sales people are on hand to help select decorations at Deepavali bazaar in Little India, Singapore.

And if you’re still not satisfied with the range on display, friendly sales people are ever ready to whip out more options for you to choose from.

Ready made rangoli decorations at Deepavali bazaar 2013 at Little India, Singapore.

Find ready-made rangoli and other fuss-free décor to make your home all set for visiting guests in minutes!

Richly embroidered fabric umbrellas at Deepavali bazaar 2013 in Little India, Singapore.

Be sure to look up every now and again while you shop because you never know what you’ll find. These intricately embroidered fabric umbrellas may not keep you dry from the rain, but they sure make for some interesting ceiling décor.

The Goddess Lakshmi is an essential part of Deepavali.

Deepavali would be impossible to celebrate without inviting the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, into your homes and workplaces. Available in small, medium or large, she’ll be kind to your pockets and help you work within your budgets.

Oil lamps are lit to symbolize the triumph of good over evil.

Deepavali or Diwali, popularly known as the “festival of lights,” is a five-day Hindu festival celebrated around mid-October to mid-November each year. This year, the main holiday falls on 2 November. The name Diwali is a contraction of Deepavali, which translates into “row of lamps”. Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. These lamps are kept on during the night to make the Goddess Lakshmi feel welcome.

Traditional clay lamps at Deepavali Bazaar in Little India, Singapore.

Traditional clay lamps in every shape and size – handle with care, as these can be quite fragile.

Electric lamps for the modern Deepavali in Little India, Singapore

Or take the modern route with electric lamps that won’t blow out with the wind. Be sure to test the ‘wicks’ (some of them even blink and change colours!) to ensure they’re in working condition.

Sparklers and firecrackers at Deepavali Bazaar in Little India, Singapore.

Every child’s (and even some grownups’) favourite part of Deepavali – sparklers and firecrackers!

Indian clothes galore at Deepavali Bazaar in Little India, Singapore.

Diwali is the best excuse to buy some new clothes! Be spoilt for choice with racks and racks of Punjabi suits, saris, lehengas and kurtis in all colours, lengths, designs and varying intricacy of stone or thread work depending on how fancy your party. If you’re looking for wider variety in the clothes department, the Deepavali bazaar opposite Mustafa Centre is a better bet than the one at Campbell lane.

Ethnic Jewellery on sale at Deepavali Bazaar in Little India, Singapore.

Pair your new outfit with matching jewelry. They say all that glitters is not gold, but these gorgeous, shiny ethnic designs will have anyone fooled!

Sales persons are on hand to ensure you make the right choice at Deepavali Bazaar at Little India, Singapore.

A personal touch – sales people will let you try on your favourite jewelry piece so you can see just how pretty it looks on you before making your purchase.

Deepavali cookies on sale at Deepavali Bazaar in Little India, Singapore

With so many cookie and mithai (Indian sweetmeat) varieties on offer, how do you decide what to buy? Ask for a sample of course!

Indian snacks such as vadai and samosas on sale at Deepavali Bazaar in Little India, Singapore.

All that shopping is bound to make you work up an appetite. This stall set up right at the entrance of the bazaar opposite Mustafa Centre has many yummy snacks to keep your tummy satiated until it’s time for dinner!

Deepavali bazaar tents glows along Serangoon Road in Little India, Singapore.

The bazaar tent aglow opposite Mustafa Centre. We recommend starting at the Deepavali bazaar at Campbell Lane and working your way down Serangoon Road to this bazaar. And if you still haven’t had enough of shopping, the good news is that Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours so you can shop late into the night and the wee hours of the morning!

Beautiful Deepavali street decorations along Serangoon Road in Little India, Singapore.

Be sure to stay till after dusk to catch the beautiful Deepavali street light-up!

Pretty lights at Deepavali bazaar 2013 in Little India, Singapore.

Wishing all Little India Directory fans a vibrant Deepavali with bright, colourful lights to chase the darkness of ignorance and evil away!

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