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Beat Your Post-Diwali Blues with Diwali Beats at Tamarind

Neerja Sujanani | November 03, 2018

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For us Indians, celebrating Diwali is similar to celebrating our birthdays in so many ways. We try to look our best on our birthdays, right? Similarly, we wear brand new clothes on the occasion of Diwali. We invite all our friends and arrange a fabulous party as we turn a year older. And on Diwali, we gather all our friends and relatives to exchange gifts, sweets and loads of laughter as we celebrate this colourful ‘festival of light’. So, we can conclude that Diwali is like celebrating ‘one huge collective birthday party!’

But there’s one more thing that’s common between Diwali and our birthdays – when it’s over we start missing all the fun, right?

Not this year!


This Diwali you can continue the celebrations and the merriment with Diwali Beats, a scintillating food and music event to be held on 10th of November (Saturday) at one of the best Pan-Asian restaurants we have in the city – Tamarind by the Mayfare Group. This event is an evening Diwali party filled with some great music, yummilicious food, drinks and a rather sizeable dose of exuberance and joy.

The Zero Point – Riveting performances by this up and coming band


Diwali Beats is a chance to celebrate an evening of absolute bliss with live performances by HK’s upcoming Asian band – The Zero Point. They use Bollywood tunes in most of their performance pieces but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The Zero Point is a wonderful collaboration of talented musicians, singers and arrangers who’ve joined hands to introduce this part of the world to South Asian music including Sufi, Hindustani Classical, Folk and even Soul.

They narrate the story behind their name as – “Growing up, many of us were influenced by the rich musical traditions of India, Pakistan and the West. So, our name originates from a train station called ‘The Zero Point’ on the border of India and Pakistan. We view it as a crossroads between two nations that are bound together by music, and a point of confluence between different cultures, genres and rhythms.”

Tamarind Restaurant – Exquisite food with a commanding view


Previously known as Viceroy, this beautiful Pan-Asian restaurant aims to satisfy all your senses. Here, your taste buds get to enjoy Indian, Vietnamese and Thai delicacies ‘cooked to perfection’, while your eyes savour the stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline. There’s an outdoor seating space with a lounge area that resonates with romance and then there are two main dining rooms – Sugar Room and the Spice Room.

For Diwali Beats, Tamarind will open its doors at 8 pm with free flow tapas, followed by scrumptious dishes like Rosemary lamb roll, vegetable samosa and chicken tikka. The live performances will begin at 9 pm and your tickets come inclusive of 2 standard drinks. After the performances, the job of keeping you entertained will be handed over to a popular Bollywood DJ and at 2 am, you will be provided with a Hangover Breakfast.

How to make reservations for a great Diwali Party


It is highly recommended to make prior reservations if you want to be a part of this exciting event. If you would have booked on or before 25th October, you would have redeemed a special discount. But, the good thing is that the bookings are still open. So, don’t just sit there! Make your reservations at – //

This time, beat your post-Diwali blues with Diwali Beats at the Tamarind and enjoy a time of your life. Let all your loved ones know about this event as well. Because as they say – “Happiness is only real when shared.”

We wish you a very Happy Diwali and an even happier time at Diwali Beats!

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