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Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong Taste Festival 2019

Jaspreet | March 09, 2019

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What started in London, some 13 years ago, has now become one of the trendiest social events for everyone who has a thing for delectable food offered by the most innovative restaurants and gourmet kitchens from around the world. The previous 3 Taste Festivals in Hong Kong have been synonymous to food paradise – brilliant food, prepared by the chefs of the city’s choicest restaurants, fabulous drinks and live entertainment! And all of this, set in the backdrop of stunning outdoor surroundings. You can even give credit to the Taste Festivals for introducing the world with concepts like ‘pop ups’ and ‘small plates’. As they return this year for the 4th time, we simply can’t wait to savour (pun intended) all the fun!

So, What’s Hot This Year?

What’s on offer here is Hong Kong’s exquisite dining scene. The event will commence from 21st March till 24th March and the venue is the classy Central Harbourfront. You’ll be able to enjoy more than 60 elegantly-created, insta-approved delicacies, which will be crafted by the top chefs from the best local restaurants. And you’ll also be able to refill your stock of finest ‘gourmet goodies’ from the city’s most sought-after artisan producers.

The Restaurants

The festival will feature 6 sessions, each one lasting for about 4-5 hours during the 4-day event. This year’s restaurants are a mix of your ‘old-time favorites’ (Haku, Little Bao, Pici and Zuma) with some sassy new additions including – Chom Chom, Hoi King Heen, Artemis & Apollo, Old Bailey, Francis, Gelato Messina, Flying Elk and Ichu Peru. An exciting collaboration between Bibo, Silencio and The Ocean is also on the cards. Each of these restaurants will offer up to 4 dishes, 1 of which is going to be a Taste exclusive, Icon Dish. You’ll not find this dish anywhere else. The dishes will be served on small plates and prices will start somewhere around HK$50.

The Star Chefs

The lineup of chefs this year has an impressive 20+ names from the halls of fame of famous international as well as local restaurants of the city. Besides celebrated chefs like Agustin Balbi (Haku), May Chow (Little Bao), Max Levy (Sausage Commitment) and Oscar Luzon (Zuma), several promising new talents are going to display their skills at Taste this year. This includes chefs like – Nicholas Chew, Christopher Mark, Asher Goldstein and Olivier Bellin. You’ll not only be given the opportunity to relish their dishes but also, you will be able to catch them in action as these masters cook up a storm in their kitchens during the live demonstrations.
Things to Do
Besides the restaurants, there’s going to be pop up bars, wine tastings, master classes and live entertainment. Here’s a glimpse of this year’s attractions –

● Wolf Theatre – Wolf appliances will host this year’s Taste Theatre, a platform where you can see your favourite chefs in action. During this event, you also stand a chance to win one of Wolf’s elite toasters priced over HK$3000!

● World Draught Master Competition – World’s ace Belgian beer, Stella Artois will return for its 22nd installation of World Draught Master Competition at Taste. And that’s not all! Kelly Cheung is also going to be there demonstrating an official Pouring Ritual.

● Goose Island – Enjoy a ton of exciting activities by Goose Island Beer Company including – games, tasting sessions and fun competitions. Also, The Goose Island Bar will be serving 3 of their iconic ales – IPA, 312 Urban Wheat Ale and Honkers Ale.

● DJ Booth by Ichu Terraza – Resident DJ and music producer Hallex M is bringing his music to the floor and this simply means, you’ll be tapping your feet all the time while enjoying the food on your plates!

There’s going to be many more activities and a lot more fun, just save your date (or dates if you planning to attend more than just a single day) and you’ll be in for a foodilicious, partylicious great time!

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