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Your Monthly Feng Shui Insights – July 2018

Jill Lander | July 05, 2018

Feng Shui Insights  

Happy July – Welcome to the Earth Goat Month – Earth Dog Year!

Go with the Flow…avoid fighting against the direction of the wind, not swimming upstream against the currents, and refraining from causing or creating imbalances in the energy around you. When you “go with the flow” the natural balance of energy is achieved at all times and symmetry is suggested. This is the reason that Feng Shui recommends regular rather than irregular shapes… such as the shape of your room or furniture… and rounded curves rather than angles and sharp edges. It is why we prefer meandering pathways rather than straight lines. A good example of “going with the flow” is how we adapt and react to the change of seasons… from heavier clothing for warmth in the winter to lighter clothing in the summer. When we build our homes we can see this “flow” as well in the materials we choose – wood floors with the grain running in the same direction, that marble on the floor flows in generally the same direction and slate tiles as well. Energy moves according to the physical patterns of the home…so watch the patterns on your floors, on your curtains and carpets and in the lines and patterns of your home. There is a rhythm to the flow of life, to the changing season and to the transformation of yin into yang and back into yin again. From the cold of winter into spring and the warmth of summer… then back to the coolness of autumn and winter again. Yin into yang and back into yin again. Keep the natural balance of energy in mind and go with the flow. 

What does July have in store for your Chinese Astrological Sign?


rat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRat Zodiac

Fluctuating energy which may make you irritable and impatient. Try to be more flexible and go with the flow as much as possible to prevent burn out and stress related illness. Be open to others suggestions.



ox-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsOx Zodiac

Your astrological clash month of 2018 indicates a challenging month when you are cautioned that discontentment leads to discomfort. Help yourself by think positively and being pro active!

tiger-zodiac-fengshui-jill-landerTiger Zodiac

A demanding month work wise when it may be hard to please some and competitors make it difficult to get a head. Be careful in all forms of communication.



rabbit-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRabbit Zodiac

Avoid conflict at all costs otherwise you may fall foul of deceit and legal issues. Look after health and prevent injuries by allowing enough time to get from A to B – be extra careful when driving.



dragon-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDragon Zodiac

An even energy month when it will be important to stay focused in order to activate certain plans – Get out and about professionally taking every opportunity to network.



snake-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsSnake Zodiac

Fluctuating energy surrounds you making it important to be helpful to others in order to procure new projects, some of which may take longer to manifest. It may be difficult to get others to com mit to your ideas this month? Avoid high risk financial investments.




horse-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsHorse Zodiac

Another busy month when you harness good and steady support. It will be beneficial to build strong bonds with clients and colleagues to achieve common goals. Be careful when travelling EAST or NORTH being careful of personal loss and mild illness – food poisoning?

goat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsGoat Zodiac

As this is your astrological month you should enjoy stability and good progress when your past efforts may see progress and as a result rewards. Personal relationship luck is strong.

monkey-zodiac-august-2017-fengshuiMonkey Zodiac

An unstable month that needs careful management and some potential restructure may be in order to make progress on a certain issue. To get the best out of the month remain detached emotionally to an issue which has been haunting you for a while and may have affected your luck this year?



rooster-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRooster Zodiac

You may find obstacles occurring making for frustrations especially if you are in the planning stages of a new idea or concept. If so be patient and avoid pushing too hard to get ahead. Relax and wait for things to take their natural course as the time may not be quite right just yet?

dog-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDog Zodiac

If you are planning any changes especially in terms of your career you may encounter certain set backs. It would be in your interest to allow events to take their natural course and moderate your own expectations. Family relationships may go through a troublesome phase.



pig-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsPig Zodiac

A calmer month compared to the previous two months, but be cautioned to take life easier and avoid self pressure. Work pace should pick up speed with the possibility of new projects. Financial luck is moderate so careful spending is still recommended.



Remember – SUCCESSFUL people have coaches – Enlightened people have COSMIC Coaches!

Wishing you continued Success – LIVE with PASSION!

As the Chinese proverb states “Diligence leads to Riches”

Even if you don’t know your Yin from your Yang you can still benefit from FENG SHUI – A LIFE PHILOSOPHY!


FORESIGHT is an important skill in life. With the ability to know what’s ahead, one is able to formulate infinite actionable strategies and pick one’s battles accordingly. With foresight, one can make the right decisions. As we are at the half way mark of 2018 would you like to know how best to maximize your luck for the remainder of the Earth Dog year? If so you may like to consider joining the growing group of clients to receive the monthly forecast service. For just HK$350 per month you will receive a totally personal astrological and elemental forecast, based purely on your entire birth chart focusing primarily on your DAY of birth not just on your astrological sign. The comprehensive forecast offers insights as to what you make expect and how to maximize the energy of any month with specific lucky dates and so much more – many clients feel this is very worthwhile in guiding them through the year. If you are living out of HK not a problem the amount for the monthly forecast service can be adjusted to your own currency…


 Alternatively you may consider a 6 month personal forecast taking you up to the Year of the Earth Pig! Time flies so get ahead with full awareness and maximum control!

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Jill Lander

Jill has lived in Hong Kong and China since 1977 and launched GOLDEN ELEMENTS in 2003. She is classically trained in authentic Feng Shui and has studied with some of the greatest and most respected masters of our time.Jill’s mantra is ‘No matter WHERE you live it’s HOW you live that matters’. Jill’s practice and passion continues to grow and expand and she feels truly blessed to have found her passion in life as well as being able to live and combine a truly authentic lifestyle balancing her Western roots into her Eastern life. Other articles by this author



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