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Your Monthly Feng Shui Insights – November 2017

Jill Lander | November 06, 2017

Feng Shui Insights  

The Pig Month of the Rooster Year! You deserve the best!

The elements of the month are a combination of metal and water yin in essence.

In the Chinese Classics, the PIG represents the last hours of the day, when the family had gone to sleep and all that could be heard was its gentle snoring of contentment – the pig wants a full stomach and the peace of mind to digest life! Isn’t that all we want! The PIGS heart is supposed to be the nearest of all to mans and as such holds deep compassion and great LOVE – sadly the pig is seen as not particularly the best judge of character. As such the PIG is often drawn into unlikely partnerships with the wrong people as his TRUST is as BIG as its heart. However, it also has a wily nature allowing it to pull through adversity and often has the last cheeky chuckle – snort!

The pig loves LUXURY – WEALTH and all that it can bring, which is why its energy relates to and has a great sensitivity to quality, after all, it does sniff out some of the most expensive delicacies nature provides in TRUFFLES!

Adopt the nature of the pig this month, when only the best will do. YOU DESERVE only the BEST!

Feng shui in November – A Global Perspective

This should prove to be a positive month for foreign policies and international negotiations on new trade agreements will mage smooth progress. Agreements may be found to resolve disputes concerning copywriting on the web with stricter rules concerning privacy. The economic situation is generally positive with short term trends indicating a rising phase of the financial cycle. There will be continued concern about the democratic deficit of the UK and debates about how to increase local government powers.

Speculative luck will be stronger than in the past few months – it’s also the time of year to INVEST in YOURSELF! – Do you agree that investing in oneself is the best investment? We all know there are various ways to grow your wealth through investing. But beyond that, we are in a world where there’s just too much external noise and expectation – Take a deep breath and take back personal control in 2018 by having greater awareness of your full and true potential.

What does November have in store for your Chinese Astrological Sign

rat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRat Zodiac

Keep calm and remain patient. Expect challenges in the workplace. Make personal safety and security your focus especially when traveling south – avoid financial risks.



ox-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsOx Zodiac

A busy and mentally challenging month – Wealth luck will be steady and stable so avoid taking unnecessary risks. Make health a priority by eating at regular times to prevent digestive issues. Relationship luck is supportive.



tiger-zodiac-fengshui-jill-landerTiger Zodiac

A busy and high energy month offering positive opportunities – relationships may go through a sensitive phase, so allow time to communicate despite your busy schedule make time for loved ones.



rabbit-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRabbit Zodiac

Wealth luck is stable. You may look forward to a vibrant and positive month – GOOD LUCK!



dragon-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDragon Zodiac

Life calms down after a busy few months. Make the most of your time by planning your strategy for the next 6 -9 months. Formulate new visions and goals. Wealth potential is strong keep an eye on investment fluctuations.



snake-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsSnake Zodiac

Energy will fluctuate this month. You are prone to attracting conflict and interferences, best to maintain a low profile. Wealth potential is strong. Travels are indicated.




horse-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsHorse Zodiac

Another enjoyable and rewarding month – if you are looking for new clients you benefit from attending networking events and being seen. Plans should proceed smoothly.



goat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsGoat Zodiac

A relationship friendly month when you and loved ones enjoy a peaceful period – go with the flow and be guided by the positive energy surrounding you. Pay attention to the well being of elder family members




monkey-zodiac-august-2017-fengshuiMonkey Zodiac

A month of mixed energies when much lies in your own hands as your encounter both positive and negative. Your heavy work schedule and meeting deadlines may be challenging. Allow enough time for all tasks.



rooster-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRooster Zodiac

Positive energy continues to build up offering you greater support. If you have been considering making changes – restructure this is a great month to do so. Plenty of social invitations help sooth past stress and anxiety



dog-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDog Zodiac

Planning well and focusing on tasks will offer better results. Energy fluctuates so keep good control by keeping a steady pace. Avoid investing this month!



pig-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsPig Zodiac

Positive energy fuels your spirit making your astrological month a great time to harness new business and embark on new projects. Avoid being impatient as efforts put in this month may take time to develop – but develop they will!




To your continued luck – good health and happiness.

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Master (1200 PTS)

Jill Lander

Jill has lived in Hong Kong and China since 1977 and launched GOLDEN ELEMENTS in 2003. She is classically trained in authentic Feng Shui and has studied with some of the greatest and most respected masters of our time.Jill’s mantra is ‘No matter WHERE you live it’s HOW you live that matters’. Jill’s practice and passion continues to grow and expand and she feels truly blessed to have found her passion in life as well as being able to live and combine a truly authentic lifestyle balancing her Western roots into her Eastern life. Other articles by this author



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