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Jill Lander a popular feng shui consultant in HK writes the fengshui insights for your chinese zodiac sign for the month of October 2018.

Your Monthly Feng Shui Insights – October 2018

Jill Lander | October 01, 2018

Feng Shui Insights  

What does October have in store for your Chinese Astrological Sign?


rat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRat Zodiac

Your creativity and communication skills will be at an all time high – so use the charm you are known for to its fullest this month. However do be aware you may encounter some disruptions during mid month which may be for your highest good in the long term. The stomach may be weak so be careful of sell by dates.

ox-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsOx Zodiac

The clashing energy of the month can create obstacles – be prepared for an up and down month and that not all things will work out as planned. Go with the flow and look for solutions rather than getting frustrated. Be creative and pro active sing your logical ox logic to enhance communications.

tiger-zodiac-fengshui-jill-landerTiger Zodiac

Your luck may go through an unstable time, prepare to keep an eye on certain projects and tie up loose ends. The key to getting as much out to of this month is to be adaptable – whilst making health a priority.

rabbit-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRabbit Zodiac

Positive energy surrounds your sign this month increasing your optimism and confidence. As the dog is your closest and best friend in the zodiac system he may add you to his lead and guide you, to many opportunities continue to Go Rabbits Go!



dragon-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDragon Zodiac

as this is your clash month of the year, PLEASE brace yourself for some fluctuating energy which may affect you both physically and mentally and physically. Avoid making any major changes and you are warned against hasty decisions making.



snake-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsSnake Zodiac

similar to the dragon you need to be prepared for some fluctuating energy which may cause mood swings and confusion from time to time. Errors in paperwork are likely so be super vigilant when checking documents. Be mindful of expenditure as wealth is only moderate and there may be some unexpected expenses?




horse-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsHorse Zodiac

Overall a positive month and positive if you are looking for a career change or job switch. A month of personal expansion and growth which will be boosted by attracting helpful people – A positive month ahead you Stallions and Fillies!

goat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsGoat Zodiac

Beware of some strong emotions as this may be a stressful and sensitive month for many goats. Avoid over thinking and being over analytical in what you are doing or intend to do – follow your heart and listen to your own heart beat. Personal life takes the spotlight and things can get messy if not addressed with discipline.

monkey-zodiac-august-2017-fengshuiMonkey Zodiac

A positive and vibrant month lies in wait for you FUN LOVING signs of the zodiac- just do be aware of your environment as others may deliberately set you up for obstacles. Remain friendly and firm – A good month for a vacation to maintain your vibration.



rooster-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRooster Zodiac

A month of turbulent energy when others may behave irrationally, however by maintaining a low profile whilst remaining staying calm and collected you will out wit the competition. Avoid all confrontations by keeping your beak closed Roosters!

dog-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDog Zodiac

Energy fluctuates drastically so remain clam and flexible, keeping away from quarrelsome individuals and focus on completing tasks. Document errors are likely therefore you are cautioned to double check before signing off on any transactions.



pig-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsPig Zodiac

Another positive month for you wonderful pigs with good news and opportunities heading your way. A great month for launching any new idea or for promotions, but if investing do keep a close eye and be aware of sudden market changes.


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Jill Lander

Jill has lived in Hong Kong and China since 1977 and launched GOLDEN ELEMENTS in 2003. She is classically trained in authentic Feng Shui and has studied with some of the greatest and most respected masters of our time.Jill’s mantra is ‘No matter WHERE you live it’s HOW you live that matters’. Jill’s practice and passion continues to grow and expand and she feels truly blessed to have found her passion in life as well as being able to live and combine a truly authentic lifestyle balancing her Western roots into her Eastern life. Other articles by this author



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