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Your Monthly Feng Shui Insights – August 2017

Jill Lander | August 07, 2017

Feng Shui Insights  Hong Kong  

Feng Shui can provide the luck needed to tip the scales in your favour to give you a competitive edge. It could be for a career related move or getting the job you desire. To create the best Feng Shui, you must look at and accept yourself first. Discard any feelings of unworthiness and insecurity. At the same time, avoid listening to negative influences as this only lowers your personal vibration. Make it a habit to feel happy and good about yourself. When you combine this habit with good Feng Shui, you’ll be amazed at how things will improve for you!

It’s important to focus on what you have within your own potential and capability in order to fully maximize the potential of this summer month. It is advisable to be flexible in mind and spirit in order to STRIVE for SUCCESS.


As we enter a very important time of the year, it’s up to you to gain or re-gain control. You do have the power to correct and recover, so be gentle on yourself and others. Do not allow the positive energy of autumn to be wasted. Your inner mind has great power to enhance your life, bringing an avalanche of success and a flow of abundance. When you keep images of victory and prosperity vividly in your mind, your outer reality merges magically with your inner power. The supremacy of your mind and the vividness of your imagination combine to bring all your desires to fruition. Tune inwards and mentally remove negative images.

This is how luck works. It starts with making the mind positive and strong. This helps in mitigating the troubled spots in your mind that create obstacles to success, happiness and wellbeing. We need to stop telling ourselves how difficult things are this year and adopt more positive attitudes. We need to embrace a willingness to see beyond any immediate issues which may be preventing you from potential opportunities. Begin today by redirecting your focus and energy to a higher level of consciousness and see your LUCK and life improve. Everyone wants to be successful and in today’s competitive environment it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the game during these unpredictable times.

tiger-zodiac-fengshui-jill-landerCALLING ALL TIGERS! If you are traveling please take every precaution. Make sure you are protected by travel insurance for any emergencies. This is especially for those born in the TIGER years who may expect some twists and turns this month. As the MONKEY will try to distract and trip you up! We are living through some vulnerable times. It is exceedingly important to take every precaution possible to be safe when you travel. When you travel you are away from the safe, protective energies of your home and to an extent we have to TRUST more than ever in the protection of the Universal energy.


Astrologically this is going to be an interesting and lively month as the energy of the Monkey is active, energetic holding a natural sense of leadership and innovation. Self assured and determined, expressive and truthful, this little monkey is passionate and enthusiastic about life, with an essence lending great vitality. Born with a fertile imagination its energy can run away with ideas, inventive yet not always cautious about possible consequences of its actions. The monkey has a powerful and constant drive to reach the top of its professional field is competitive to the extreme. Its creativity is born of will power, necessity and initiative enable it to upstage others and keep ahead of the game.

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Jill Lander

Jill has lived in Hong Kong and China since 1977 and launched GOLDEN ELEMENTS in 2003. She is classically trained in authentic Feng Shui and has studied with some of the greatest and most respected masters of our time.Jill’s mantra is ‘No matter WHERE you live it’s HOW you live that matters’. Jill’s practice and passion continues to grow and expand and she feels truly blessed to have found her passion in life as well as being able to live and combine a truly authentic lifestyle balancing her Western roots into her Eastern life. Other articles by this author



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