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Your Monthly Feng Shui Insights – September 2017

Jill Lander | September 04, 2017

Feng Shui Insights  

It is the Rooster month of the Rooster Year! This is a great month for collaborations!

Due to the energy of the double rooster month, success depends on communication combined with the interaction with others. Maintain open and honest dialogue in order to maximize the luck available to you. The rooster has the potential to peck away at the smallest detail to unearth the truth. Hence, be mindful that everything you do will be under scrutiny therefore make sure you do not cut corners.

It is advisable to keep away from certain individuals to avoid incurring unnecessary problems. The quarrelsome star is doubled this month resulting in irritability and short temper for many! Misunderstandings can arise easily and out of no where which can get blown out of proportion if not addressed and handled with care and sensitivity. You will need all your resolve to keep your cool. Keep your feelings under control in order to avoid conflicts. It will be important to stay positive and do not allow temporary uncertainty cause worries. Avoid entanglements with friends and loved ones.

Be careful in whom you confide as those you may consider to be your confidants may also be under pressure and as such could reveal something told in confidence to be exposed. Try to maintain good dialogue with co-workers. Try to avoid making any major decisions until next month, and be on your guard when attending important meetings and negotiations. Be careful of dates and when certain commitments are due as you are prone to loss via fines because of overlooked admin issues. Avoid looking to blame others, instead be responsible to resolve any obstacles that may arise.

Wear bright colours to fend off the energy of the Hungry Ghost month, which ends on the 19th but until then has the potential to cause all sorts of mischief. Make sure all undertakings and contracts which may require your signature are all above board as it’s easy to slip up and then be called to be accountable later in the year.

Keep the west of your home and office well lit.

LIGHTING is very important for the home for recognition and rewards and never so much as this astrological month.

What the Rooster month of the Rooster Year has in store for your zodiac sign

rat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRat Zodiac

You may feel restless and moody; avoid making major decisions and lending money.




ox-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsOx Zodiac

A super busy month, be flexible in your approach as this helps you become more efficient. Be gentle with loved ones.



tiger-zodiac-fengshui-jill-landerTiger Zodiac

This could be a challenging month, be extra careful when signing contracts. Discord in the workplace affects performance.



rabbit-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRabbit Zodiac

Potentially a tiring month, work schedules may be unpredictable due to sudden changes and restructure. Best to have face to face meetings to prevent misunderstandings and set backs.



dragon-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDragon Zodiac

Steady and strong energy helps you achieve your goals. Avoid investing heavily and impulse purchases. Be open in your thoughts and communicate them well. You may suffer digestive issues?


snake-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsSnake Zodiac

Life may be taken at a slower pace with interpersonal relationships will be the focus this month, expect a turbulent month. It’s time to de-clutter your life to gain a fresh perspective – let go of the past.




horse-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsHorse Zodiac

Focus on your health and well being. Friendships may go through a difficult patch, forming any partnerships or JV should wait. Keep life light and easy!



goat-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsGoat Zodiac

Be extra careful when processing paperwork as errors are indicated. Relationships with loved ones may require more time and patience.




monkey-zodiac-august-2017-fengshuiMonkey Zodiac

You may be on a short fuse and moody with others. A project may have to go through a few more changes before you can reach a positive result, patience is required!



rooster-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsRooster Zodiac

Be direct in all communications and avoid over promising. Stay positive and avoid allowing external issues affect your performance. Avoid worrying about something or someone things are better than they may appear. Be a responsible pedestrian and take care when driving!



dog-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsDog Zodiac

Wealth appears unstable and your workload will be heavy, making you prone to fatigue. Light exercise and mediation will help align your energy during your busiest month of the year!



pig-chinese-zodiac-animal-fengshui-insightsPig Zodiac

Avoid any financial risks; be observant to trends and conservative when making decisions. Relationship luck is weak and benefit from being flexible and understanding.




Wishing you a positive Rooster Month!

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Jill Lander

Jill has lived in Hong Kong and China since 1977 and launched GOLDEN ELEMENTS in 2003. She is classically trained in authentic Feng Shui and has studied with some of the greatest and most respected masters of our time.Jill’s mantra is ‘No matter WHERE you live it’s HOW you live that matters’. Jill’s practice and passion continues to grow and expand and she feels truly blessed to have found her passion in life as well as being able to live and combine a truly authentic lifestyle balancing her Western roots into her Eastern life. Other articles by this author



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