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Hong Kong’s 16 Best Photographers You Can Hire for Your Personal or Corporate Events

Jaspreet | December 24, 2019

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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange

Photographs are magic, they are like the simplest form of time travel! When you look at a picture that has been clicked several years ago, you are sneaking into the past with great accuracy. You can literally feel the energy of people or places while looking at their photographs. Isn’t that simply amazing? But like there are good magicians and then there are ‘unbelievably awesome’ magicians, similarly, there are good photographers and then there are a few “Are you kidding me? How can someone be that good?” photographers.

Let’s introduce you to some of the best people from Hong Kong who belong to the latter category of photographers –

1. Ali G Studios

Ali discovered his passion for photography when he was just 16-years-old as he documented the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany with his 35mm camera which was given to him by his uncle as a birthday present. Witnessing this historic event filled with moving emotions shaped Ali’s photographic style. Since then, Ali has traveled the world, clicking beautiful images wherever he goes. Specializing in weddings and VIP events, his photography is personal, honest and charged with emotions.

Contact Details
Website –
Insta – aligphoto
B – Ali G Studio Official

Indian couple dance during wedding shot by Ali G in Hong Kong

2. Rosalia SP Photography

Run by Rosalia Sempere Pico, RSP Photography specializes in portraits for families, newborns, and maternity shoots. They offer both indoor as well as outdoor photography services to provide quality solutions to a wide range of clients. When Rosalia is not chasing her young daughter around, she runs her business from her home studio in Discovery Bay. She says that her daughter is the inspiration behind her love for photography. She loves capturing those early moments we spend with our kids. “Our goal is to create gorgeous portraits by capturing beautiful images of you and your family that will remind you of special times whenever you look back on them.”

Contact Details
Website –
Insta – rsp_photographystudio
FB – rspphotographystudio


3. Matryoshka Studios

Founded by photographer, actress, and entrepreneur Aanchal Wadhwani, Matryoshka Studios is one of the best places in Hong Kong you can connect with to meet all your photo and video production needs. She has over 9 years of experience in the fashion apparel, cosmetics, and commercial industry and her current team consist of professional and well-trained fashion stylists, art directors, videographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, talent Scouters, editors, and lighting specialists. She is known for her brilliance in the field of fashion, beauty, advertorial, portrait, product, art, and jewelry photography.

Contact Details
Website –
Insta –


4. Michele Wisla

Michele Wisla has over 2 decades of experience helping companies market global brands to consumers. She now leverages that experience working as a food photographer to create better visibility for restaurants and food brands. These days restaurants and cafes gain massive traction, following, and traffic when they post pictures that bring the culinary experience to life. And that’s where Michele specializes. Her focus on food and innovativeness sets her apart with knowledge of connecting to the end consumer. Find her contact details below.

Contact Details
Website –
Instagram – michelewisla
FB – MicheleWislaPhotography


5. Martina Stevens

Martina prefers to pick small and exclusive projects, especially lifestyle and family portraits. This allows her to offer superior service and more attention to detail. She has more than 20 years of experience as a fashion model in front of the camera and is a mother of two adorable kids now. If are looking for a talented photographer to capture moments with your newborn or you want to hire a photographer for a family or a maternity shoot, definitely keep Martina in mind. She also specializes in lifestyle and personal branding photography.

Contact Details
Website –
Instagram – martina_stevens_photography
FB – martinastevensphotography


6. Natalia Segura

Mediative Photography, the brainchild of the artistic Slovakian photographer, Natalia Segura was established in 2012 with the aim of creating timeless, black and white images that speak with universal beauty. Natalia’s approach to photography is ingeniously creative but in a clean and simple manner. If you ask her what makes a great photo, she’ll answer something like this – “You might think it depends on years of experience, technical skills or the talent of the photographer. And some think it’s all about post-production these days. But I feel it’s the photographer’s mastery to put all of them together in the right cocktail that makes a great photo.”

Contact Details
Website –
Insta – n.segura_photographer_hk
FB – Mediative Photography


7. Asmita Bharadwaj Das

A well-known name in the field of food and product photography, Asmita has a keen eye for detail and the kind of aesthetics that could turn the most mundane food into a feast for one’s eyes. She loves playing with textures and colors to bring out the most of any dish that has been placed before her eyes. “My style varies from basic and simple where the main dish is our hero to ‘elaborate’ using food and props to tell a story.” She is a blogger as well.

Contact Details
Insta – onewholesomemeal
FB – onewholesomemeal


8. Light Jar Photography

If you want an overall amazing experience getting clicked by a team of truly professional photographers, this is where your search ends. Light Jar Photography is a fully integrated photography business that strives to create outstanding stories with images. “We create delightful imagery by artfully capturing all your best moments, while providing you a positive and fun experience.” – is what they have to say about their approach to photography.

Contact Details
Website –
Instagram – lightjarphoto
FB – lightjarphoto


9. Delphine Riche-Franz

A natural light photographer who specializes in family, children, babies, and bumps! Originally from Franz, she loves the city that she has been calling home for a decade and uses it as her muse, capturing natural expressions and precious family moments across Hong Kong’s wide and wonderful locations. She is great at putting everyone at ease including toddlers. Her outdoor or home sessions are fun, interactive and relaxed, her style colorful, contemporary and joyful. Delphine’s images aim to best reflect personalities and the essence of a family, they make unique memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Contact Details
Website –
FB – DRFimages


10. DS Smita

With a style that has been narrated as creative, fun and relaxed, DS Smita is a freelance photographer whose specialty is food, product photography, portraits, and lifestyle shoots. “I believe that photography should reflect life and that’s why my images are real and spontaneous.” If you want a photographer for a no-fuss event who could create a relaxed environment while shooting, contact Smita and book your appointments.

Contact Details
Website –
Insta – smitadas.sen
FB – sixtysecondslove


11. Manav Shankar

All of 17 years, Manav is in his final year at King George V School. The young lad started photography at the age of 11 but it was only last year that he took it up as a profession. His dream is to create a name for himself in the field of landscapes and abstract photography, though he admits that his skills at portraits are improving as well. If you want to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes or in other words, you want to hire someone who brings on the table his unique, raw talent, contact Manav for your upcoming event.

Contact Details
FB – mnvshnkrphoto
Insta – mnvshnkrphoto


12. Col Sim Photography

Col defines photography as – Photography is the art of capturing the beauty of life, the act of capturing ‘the moment’. He has a long list of clients that includes names like – Eurolink Global, Irish Chamber of Commerce, Joseph Perrier Champagne, and Master Pan. Col is an expert at anticipating those golden moments before they actually happen. “I thrive on the uncertainty of photographing events and the excitement of when those magic images will appear.” If you want a seasoned photographer with years of experience behind him, Col Sim Photography should be your number one choice.

Contact Details
Website –
Insta – colsimphotography
FB – colsimphotography


13. Eva Thieulle

Photography became Eva’s passion since she was 6 years old, sitting on her father’s lap in his darkroom, watching images magically appear, again and again on paper! Her specialty is studio portraits of women belonging to all age groups and ethnicities. “In my photographs, I want to show all women how beautiful they really are. To help them reconnect with themselves, to the women they see in my portraits and bring their inner beauty out and capture the beautiful goddess that is meant to be seen by the whole world.”

Contact Details
Website –
Insta – eva_portraits
FB – asiahongkongphotographer


14. Dr. Rohita K Dimri

Another one of our photographers who started pursuing her passion from an early age in life. Rohita was in third grade when she started clicking pictures on the encouragement of her father. “I have continued with a camera by my side since then. I love doing monochromatic photographs especially portraits. Shutterspeed photography is another area that appeals to me a lot.” She even conducts photography workshops for beginners covering basic camera handling and photography techniques. Rohita is a doctorate in law by qualification.

Contact Details
FB – redkukured


15. Bharat Khemlani’s Big Ben Photography

Talented photographer who is doing photography before he could even spell the word ‘photography’! Bharat says that this art allows one to capture precious moments of amazing experiences and expressions of a plethora of wonderful people in different settings. He sincerely believes that it’s not the camera equipment that enhances the beauty of those memorable images but it is the skill, talent, eye and the creativity of a photographer that brings to life the stories beyond the shots.

He specializes in individual portraits, family portraits, wedding photography, corporate headshots, personal or corporate events, product shoots and teaching photography 101 (basics).

Contact Details
Website –
Insta – bharat_khemlani
FB – bigbenrocks


16. Clicks by Shikha

Shikha’s journey as a photographer started while she was journeying around the globe. She carried her camera everywhere, whether she was exploring the busy streets of Hong Kong or the dusty terrains of India, while hiking or enjoying time with her family. Her husband and friends encouraged her to take up photography professionally and that’s how ‘Clicks by Shikha’ came into being. Since then she has captured a wide range of events and professional shoots including – corporate events, portfolios, launch parties, family events, celebrity shows, kids parties, and product shoots. Outdoor photography is her forte. Shikha feels that’s where nature and people are at their candid best!

Contact Details
Insta – clicksby_shikha
FB – ClicksbyShikha


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