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INDIA BY THE BAY 2020 – Dance, Music, Theatre, Literature, Yoga and Everything Else We Indians Love to Explore

Jaspreet | January 14, 2020

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Yes, the wait is over! India by the Bay is back with its sixth edition and this time things are going to be grander and zestier like never before. Starting from 14th February 2020, this edition of India by the Bay will celebrate an enticing bouquet of cultural as well as contemporary events ranging from food, dance, music, theatre, wellness & nutrition to films and literature over the time span of 6 fun-filled days.

Co-presented by Teamwork Arts and Asia Society Hong Kong Centre and supported by the Consulate General of India in Hong Kong, these 6 days present a unique opportunity to experience first hand what this ancient, colorful, and somewhat mystical culture is all about. No matter what your national or cultural identity is, during these 6 days you could come and be a part of something beautiful all the while enjoying incredibly flavorsome food and probably the most mesmerizing performances you’ve been introduced to on this planet.

And that’s not it! This time around keeping a more holistic and conscious approach in mind, India by the Bay will also have some really amazing events in the form of yoga and meditation workshops, art therapy and workshops on the ancient science of Ayurveda. You can even be a part of a storytelling event.

Here’s a date-wise description of what to expect on each day of the event. Go through it and make your plans accordingly. It would be best to just take a leave of 6-7 days and stay in a makeshift tent outside the Asia Society! Just saying…

Here we go –

Day 1 – 14th February


Director of the festival, Sanjoy K Roy will be in conversation with an eminent film personality to discuss success, courage and more. Shhhhh… Who’s the personality is a secret still!

Day 2 – 15th February

GALA DINNER with Chef Picu and Raw Mango

Over the years, the Gala Dinner has been one of the main features of the event. This time, the spread is an appetizing mix of some well-known and some ‘not so well-known’ flavors from different parts of India. The food won’t be the only highlight of the evening.

Chef Picu

Chef Picu

What’s more, is that you’ll be accompanied by chef Picu from Jamun along with Sanjay Garg, the designer behind the iconic Indian brand, Raw Mango. There’s going to be a fashion show as well that’ll highlight a variety of weaves from India.

Literary Saturday

Five sessions where a diverse mix of writers will be on stage to discuss books, ideas, dialogue, and creativity.

The first session will be with John Zubrzycki, the author of Jadoowallahs, Jugglers, and Jinns – A Magical History of India. His book is a unique exploration of the evolution of Indian magic.

John Zubrzychki_Author

The second session will be with author Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, granddaughter of Gandhiji and author of the book Reflections of an Extraordinary Era. She’ll be speaking about the vision of the Mahatma, his genius, his vulnerabilities, and his enduring legacy of non-violence.

Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee

The third session is a rendezvous with Navdeep Suri, author of Khooni Vaisakhi, translation of a poem which is about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The original piece was written by Navdeep’s grandfather Nanak Singh who was one of the survivors of this brutal act.

Navdeep Suri_Author

In the fourth session, India’s supermodel turned actress, a cancer survivor and a mother of twins, Lisa Ray, will be talking about her book, Close to the Bone, a deeply moving account of her life and her fight against the disease.

Lisa Ray_Author

The fifth session is a conversation with India Today’s Executive Editor, Sandeep Unnithan about his book, Operation X, an authentic account of the guerilla operation that contributed towards India’s ultimate victory in December 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Sandeep Unnithan_Author

Day 3 – 16th February

AIA Vitality Holistic Sunday

A life-changing workshop on yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. Here, you’ll learn about the ancient practices of classical yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, mindful eating, along with an introduction to the delicious world of organic foods.

Yoga and Transformation

Dynamic Yoga with Daniel Simpson, who teaches yoga philosophy at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies at Triyoga in London.

Daniel Simpson_Holistic

A devoted practitioner and teacher of asanas, pranayamas, and yogic meditation, Daniel is offering techniques and postures training derived from the Ashtanga and Iyengar schools of yoga.

Ayurveda and Your Body with Dr. Ramkumar

Hailing from a family steeped in the traditional practices of Ayurveda, Dr. Ramkumar is the founder-director of Punarnava Ayurveda.

Dr Ramkumar_Holistic

He’ll conduct a workshop on different aspects of Ayurveda that’ll help you enhance your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

Music with Harpreet

The super talented singer-composer will impress you with his range and of course his soulful voice. Harpreet is known for his musical pieces based on the works of Kabir and Bulleh Shah.


At the stage of India by the Bay, he’s bringing a very special performance based on Rumi’s poetry combined with a Sufi dance performance by Gilles Chuyen.

Hong Kong Storytelling

An hour dedicated to the art of storytelling. Discover India through real-life stories by Hong Kong Stories.

Vegetarian Lunchbox by SpiceBox Organics

Make the conscious choice and eat healthy! You can buy this specially designed veg meal box by SpiceBox Organics to enjoy a flavourful, wholesome lunch during the break time.

Art Therapy with Puneeta Roy

Spend an hour immersed in the deeply meditative space of art in a workshop conducted by Puneeta Roy. Here, you’ll learn how to use art as a tool for self-exploration via creative visualization and imagination.

Day 4 – 17th February

East West – A Legacy

Distinguished sitar player, Shubhendra Rao who happens to be a disciple of maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar will be celebrating his Guru’s 100th birth anniversary in a performance that redefines his legacy.

17th Feb Music_Shubhendra & Saskia

Saskia Roa de Haas will join him by being on the cello during this performance.

Day 5 – 18th February

SRJAN – Indian Classical Dance ‘Anweshnaa’

Spend a blissful evening with this mesmerizing group of dancers who’ll perform a collection of neo-classical Odissi dances during the 5th day of the event.

SRJAN Ensemble

Guided by Guru Ratikant Mohapatra, SRJAN performs extensively within India and abroad. This particular performance called ‘Anweshnaa’ will feature Vinayaka Smarane, Jatayu Mokshya, Synthesis, and Kirwani Madhurima.

Day 6 – 19th February

Nothing Like Lear by Vinay Pathak

A wonderfully artistic performance by Vinay Pathak, based on Shakespeare’s KING LEAR. Watching King Lear from the eyes of a clown is like seeing him as a man, a father, an outcast and a child, all at the same time.

Vinay Pathak_Theater

This solo play by Pathak is the perfect end to this incredible event as it’ll urge you to seek the unseekable – self!

So, this was the date-wise description of each of the events. As you can see, the line-up is full of interesting, thought-provoking performances, workshops and events, you can now understand why everyone in HK waits eagerly for this week-long event to arrive every year. Now that it’s here, make the most of it!

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