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Kanan Gill Returns to Singapore With His Brand New Act Teetar

Jaspreet | January 16, 2019


After the wonderful response to 2017’s “Keep It Real”, Kanan Gill is returning to Singapore with a brand new act called ‘Teetar’. And just like its previous installation, this event is brought to you by LA Comedy Live so you can expect the laughs to be as loud (if not louder!) as before.

Kanan, Who?

If you are one of those people/aliens who has just landed from Jupiter (because Mars has now become too over-rated) and have no idea who this guy is, here’s some background – Kanan Gill is the mad man who started his journey as a standup comedian, sitting in front of a camera, giving whacky movie reviews of films like Gunda, Prem Aggan and Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon.

His Journey

You know, while we were really young and were deciding what to do in this life, either we couldn’t come up with such amazing/bizarre AF ideas or even if we could, none of us had the courage/madness to pursue such a thing as a serious (pun intended!) profession. But these two did it! Kanan and Biswa became a sensation in the country with a huge fan base since ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’. They have been performing live (individually or as a team) in all parts of the world and also, they have to their names some really fantastic web performances and tie-ups on stellar platforms like Amazon Prime, AIB and Zee5.

The software-engineer-turned-comedian, with more than 668k subscribers on his YouTube channel and 340 k followers on his Instagram account has also worked in the Sonakshi Sinha starrer, Noor that came out in 2017. In 2018, Kanan was on the judging panel of the popular reality comedy show, Comicstaan.

Teetar! That’s The Name of His Act? Really?

And now, Kanan is returning to Singapore with a brand new show called ‘Teetar’ to tickle our funny bones, yet again. As far as I know, Teetar is a bird called ‘grey francolin’ which is commonly found in the Indian subcontinent, but let’s see what is Kanan’s take on the bird and why the bird has become so important in his life that he decided to plan a one hour gig around it? But Teetar is not the only thing he’s going to talk about. Our sources tell us that he’s also planning to share his deep (read eccentric), personal views regarding Julius Caesar’s death, his residential societies and the concept of marching to bands.

So, don’t just sit there, reading all this. Move and book your seats to this evening full of crazy laughter!

View event details: Kanan Gill’s Teetar in Singapore 2019

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