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NeatFreaks By Sanch – A line of bags that bring order to life with unique features and a touch of class

Manges Eravanan | March 07, 2018


Digging through the muddle of things in my black leather handbag, looking for the office keys while trying to escape the piercing heat of the sweltering sun on a Monday afternoon after lunch, I knew I needed an intervention. Forgetting things and struggling to find my essentials had become a daily occurrence. Only a neat freak could rescue me from the perils of the disorganized clutter I was drowning in and true enough I was blessed when I got two fabulous bags from NeatFreaks by Sanch.

At the onset, I was thrilled to discover that these bags are not only cruelty-free and very affordable but are functional and classy as well. However, what has really compelled me to write this review is the unmatched experience of order and mental peace these cleverly crafted bags have brought to my life. It is something I want every woman out there who struggles with clutter to have access to as well. Read on to discover the solution to all your messy troubles.

The I Gotta Go Bag Experience


This bag came as a God-send just in time to save me from the mess that was building up in my handbag. Perfectly compact with a shell like shape, the I GOTTA GO BAG fits nicely into most medium sized handbags and totes. It was just what I needed to organize and store my essential daily toiletries and make-up. For those of you ladies out there who’ve often thought twice about opening your bag in public because of the bottomless abyss (of mess) that awaits inside, you’ll really appreciate the relief this bag brings. Just imagine tissues, blotters, compact powder, lipstick, eyeliner, comb, spectacles and other personal items all neatly contained in a classy looking pouch that just makes life easier.

Also, with my crazy work schedule and varying work locations, I have to change bags often and have little time to transfer my essential items. Forgetting things used to be the norm and a source of great frustration (especially when you really really need those specs or tissues!!). But now changing bags has become a breeze. I just need to transfer my wallet and the I GOTTA GO BAG and I’m literally good to go. No more worries about forgetting anything. Something that I am, and you will be, very grateful for.

Additionally, NeatFreaks by Sanch has really impressed with the special details that have gone into this pouch that really sets it apart from any other ordinary pouch. The diagonal pocket is my personal favourite detail. I use it to store either my eyeliner or lip-gloss and it just makes it so easy to access saving me precious time instead of having to dig endlessly to get it. The hexagon shaped gold zip slider is another noteworthy detail which is so unique and easy to use that it truly adds a touch of functional class to the pouch. It has a water-resistant lining and an easy to clean exterior which ensures that leakage would not affect the other items in the handbag and maintenance is easy. I did however wish the pouch would retain its shape better but it is a minor glitch.

All in all, the I GOTTA GO BAG has made my life so much easier, saves me time, makes me look good and most importantly gives me the confidence to start the day knowing that I have all my essentials with me. Did I mention that the product is cruelty free and very affordable too?! It definitely is a highly recommended must-have for all fellow busy women out there!

The Travel with Me Bag Experience


They say timing is everything. With an impending ‘workcation’ in a few days, the TRAVEL WITH ME BAG couldn’t have come at a better time for me. One look at this travel kit bag was enough for me to be impressed. The pretty light purple exterior with an almost saffiano leather like texture (it is made of polyurethane), the two golden zips with the NeatFreaks signature hexagon zip slider and the slender handles at the top all combine to give this bag a touch of class. I couldn’t wait to use it.

Aesthetics aside I soon found out that the functionality of this bag is equally as remarkable.

It comes with four compartments; a two-sided transparent PVC zip pocket in the middle, an inner mesh zip pocket on one side and an inner Velcro attached pouch on the other side. I was instantly blown away by the Velcro attached pouch just by its multi-functionality. For this trip I packed my bath toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, facewash etc. ) which I can easily detach and place in the hotel bathroom. The waterproof material used to make the pouch is another thing I was happy about. For future trips which involve taking a plane, I plan to put my dry makeup and other essentials in here so I can detach just this portion to be placed in my carry-on while keeping the big bottles of liquid and razors in the check-in luggage.

Compartmentalization is everything with this bag. The transparent PVC portion in the middle has two sides. The semi-pocket side is perfect for toiletries like cotton buds, facial cotton, nail clippers, plasters etc. The zipped portion is where I’d keep all my “spill risk” items like the shampoo bottles, facial creams, sunblock, perfume, deodorant etc. I have yet to see how leak proof it is and hope I wouldn’t have to either. But the make of the bag seems durable in this respect and I’m not too worried about it. The mesh pocket is ideal for make-up and brushes.

The best part is that the compartments are all so well divided, I don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind or packing multiple cosmetic bags. Everything I need can be functionally contained in one bag. Two thumbs up for this feature. One tip I would add here is to pack the thicker/heftier items like bath poufs and shampoo bottles, in the middle compartment instead of the sides to make it easier to zip up the bag once its full.

To conclude, I would say that form and functionality make the TRAVEL WITH ME BAG a must have. It is truly a fantastic solution to all packing troubles before a trip. I am looking forward to taking this bag with me on my upcoming adventures around the world and highly recommend that you do too!

You know you need help when a 200-year-old proverb rings true. With NeatFreaks by Sanch, the solution to “A place for everything and everything in its place,” has finally arrived! Check out their collection today!

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