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5 Reasons Why You Must Attend Kanan Gill’s Stand-Up Comedy Show In Hong Kong

Jaspreet | January 09, 2018


Have you ever watched a film and midway through it felt like punching the filmmaker in the face again and again? If yes, then you’ll like Kanan Gill, as he does the same for a living. But instead of putting on punching gloves, he wears his sarcasm hat and when he is at it, instead of shouting “beat him, beat the shit out of him”, you’ll be gasping for air, trying to say something like this – “stop it, ha ha ha, please stop it, my stomach hurts”. If you seriously don’t know who this guy is and why you need to attend his upcoming stand-up act in Hong Kong, keep reading…

1. Fabulous Time Guaranteed

How? What do you mean how? Because he is actually good at making people laugh, duh! Kanan Gill is a doctor (a specialist, actually) of the funny bones. He has been treating patients in all parts of the world since 2013. Like all good Indian boys, Kanan initially pursued a career in engineering. He found it difficult to suppress the part of his personality who loved being the funny guy of the group.

His career as a comedian took off after he won a stand-up comedy competition called The Punchline Bangalore. The very next month, he won another competition organized by the Comedy Store Mumbai. These wins gave Kanan the courage to quit his job as an engineer and dive full time into the world of comedy. A year later he collaborated with Biswa Kalyan Rath, another super talented comedian of our generation and together, they gave us the gem of a YouTube series called the ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’. The duo picked some of the cringiest Bollywood movies ever made and reviewed them the way they deserved to be reviewed. Their hilarious/sarcastic take on what’s wrong with films like Gunda, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, Tum Mere Ho, Rudraksh and Prem Aggan awed the audience and Pretentious Movie Reviews became a household name (I mean those households where people who like watching YouTube content reside).

2. Meet an Upcoming Movie Star

Oh! So, Kanan is bringing along someone famous? No! It is him. He is the upcoming movie star. The comedian, who is also a guitarist, vocalist, writer, producer and an online sensation, is an actor in the making as well. He made his acting debut in 2017 with Noor, opposite Sonakshi Sinha. Even though it was a small role, Kanan did a great job. His potential as an actor definitely showed and who knows, maybe in a couple of years, we will be buying tickets for his own movie instead of buying tickets for one of his stand-up acts.

3. He’s Kind of Cute, Ladies!

He sometimes introduces himself as a ‘comedian and a guy who your mom likes’. Now this statement is quite open to interpretations, but for his female fan base (which is pretty massive in case you aren’t aware) it’s kind of a “yeah sweetheart, obviously my mom needs to like you”. But being the down to earth, sweet boy he is, Kanan shrugs off the fact that he is a rather good-looking guy. Once in an interview, Gill revealed that nobody used to tell him that he’s good-looking when he started making YouTube videos. “It’s a weird thing that started later” – is what our man has to say about this allegation. Cute, right!

4. Be Inspired

GQ magazine listed Kanan in its ‘50 Most Influential Young Indians Under 50’ edition of 2017. At the young age of 28, Kanan has already accomplished an impressive bouquet of achievements. He currently has more than 585k subscribers on his YouTube channel, 289k followers on Instagram and 775k followers on Twitter. He is someone who started his journey like every other conventional, middle-class, Indian youngster. He studied like he was supposed to study, got a stable well-paying job like he was supposed to get and yet somehow he managed to leave everything behind and made a successful career in the competitive field of comedy. People love him for his witty sense of humor, twisted perspective in life and for his passion to do something very few of us could dare to even attempt. It would be so much fun attending a stand-up act by someone like Gill, who has had such an inspiring journey as an artist.


5. Let’s Show Him Some Love

This is going to be the first time that Kanan Gill will perform live in Hong Kong. If nothing else, let’s just be there to show him some love! Let’s make him say, “This was my first ever gig in HK and oh boy, you’ve been a lovely audience!”


Get your tickets for Kanan Gill’s performance in Hong Kong: LOL with Kanan Gill Live In Hong Kong

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