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Saveur – The Best French Food in Singapore that You Must Try

Chandrani Sarma | January 06, 2016


For someone who loves trying out cuisines from different countries, I always thought I would need to save up before giving French food a go. So having tried Thai, Burmese, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Greek and Cantonese cuisine, it was time for some French food. Searching over the internet for affordable yet quality French food, I chanced upon ‘Saveur’. Saveur is a quality cheap french food restaurant that has been earning rave reviews for its quality french food and also its affordable pricing. Saveur is the French word for flavour and was founded by Chef Joshua Khoo and Chef Dylan Ong.

Though they have branches in Purvis Street, Far East Plaza and Orchard, I decided to visit the Purvis Street outlet. It is situated in a cosy lane right opposite the Raffles Hotel so it definitely gives you the feel of fine dining. It was a great experience and one that doesn’t make a hole in your wallet.

Tasty Cheap French Food in Singapore

1. The first thing to order (and die for) is the appetiser, Salmon dish.

Salmon appetiser at cheap French restuarant Saveur Singapore

Laid on green apple and topped with herbs and lemon with a flake of dried fish, this is the most refreshing salmon I have had anywhere. Though it’s a big chunk of salmon, it is cooked and tender to the core.

2. When it was time to order the Mains, I had read that their Duck Confit was the most popular dish. Hence, without doubt, I had to order that for sure. Since I also wanted to see how the French prepare other dishes, we ordered lamb as well as chicken dishes.

Duck confit - Saveur review

The Duck Confit was again the best duck I have eaten (which isn’t too many but you can see that I loved this restaurant’s food). On top of mashed potatoes with baked mushroom on the side, it was yum yum all the way!

3. When I visited the restaurant a few weeks later (as I was craving their French food), I found out the Lamb dish was replaced with another chicken dish. However, it was a good dish that I savoured the first time.

Lamb shoulder dish at cheap French restuarant Saveur Singapore

I had also ordered a chicken dish but, having visited and tried French food twice at the restaurant, I would say chicken is not their strongest dish. It isn’t bad at all but they have raised their own bar with the Duck Confit. Of course, I ordered wine to complete the experience of French dining.

4. To end with dessert, I tried the Pistachio Panna Cotta. Really delicious. It wasn’t too sweet, just right with pistachio flavour of course which lingered in my mouth for a while. I was too full to try out any other dessert, but looking at the dishes on other tables, they all looked mouth-watering.

Pistachio Panna Cotta - Saveur Review

This place is usually crowded and best would be to make a reservation before you go. The second time I forgot to make a reservation but they have a self-reservation counter at the door and we were given a table soon after. They even had my phone number stored in the system from the last time!

It isn’t the quietest place since it’s a small French restaurant and usually filled, so if you are looking for a quite sumptuous evening (maybe with your date!), you would have to choose between good food and a quite environment.

But, if you are seeking good cheap French food or simply good food, I suggest you go to Saveur – friendly staff, good presentation and yummy yet affordable food.

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