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Taroscope Reading For December 2013

Madhu Tiwari | December 01, 2013


Taroscope Reading for 1 December to 31 December 2013

Read what the tarot cards and stars have in store for you in the month of December from our tarot card reader, Madhu Tiwari.



Birth Date: 21 March to 19 April

Dear Aries, in the month of December you may feel totally isolated and out of touch with normal life. Now is the time to offload some of your commitments. You will need to reorganise and restructure your life so that it works for you instead of against you. In finances, you might need to consider a new course for your money, especially if you owe and are unaware if you will be getting money soon. In love and relationships, there is a possibility to receive an invitation to a wedding or other celebration.



Birth Date: 2o April to 20 May

Dear Taurus, in this month you may feel that life is treating you unfairly but this time will pass. Wait for the good times. In finances, you might lose sight of your finances. Keep sight of what you need to do and take care of those items. In relationships, you may be financially sound but lack closeness and intimacy.


Birth Date: 21 May to 20 June

Dear Gemini, in the month of December you will have a lot of love (like motherly love) to give and you will be popular. However, it is important to remember that you must save time for yourself. In finances, it is now the time to be conservative in financial decisions and transactions. Money is not high on your priority. In relationships, you may be socialising once more and accepting invitations, eager to have fun and enjoy yourself after a bad and dark patch.



Birth Date: 21 June to 22 July

Dear Cancer, there is good news on the way that will lift you emotionally in the month of December. You may get an invitation to a party or a celebration. In finances, there is a danger of not seeking professional advice when you need it or not wanting to spend money on professional help. In relationship, a new relationship beckons offering a meeting of minds with similar attitudes and outlook. There is clear understanding.



Birth Date: 23 July to 22 August

Dear Leo, the month of December is a time or period of great stability and security in your life. You are on top of things and have everything under control. Self-discipline and self-control have got to this state so make sometime for fun. In finances, it is not the time to gamble or have unrealistic goals. You need to assess your skills and situation. This month you can be moody, sulky and oversensitive. You need to calm down and find balance once more.



Birth Date: 23 August to 22 September

Dear Virgo, the month of December is the time for solitude and reflection. This is the perfect time to take a relaxing holiday. Take a break. In finances, there might be a monetary disappointment coming. Be rational and logical while figuring out your next step. In love and relationships, you have a person in your life for example a partner, husband or older man who exerts an influence. You will be able to rely on this person through thick and thin.



Birth Date: 23 September to 22 October

Dear Libra, this month you are avoiding responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. You have made rushed decisions based on your desire for instant gratification and are now trying to lay the blame on others or on fate. In finances, this is the time to make a decision to improve your financial situation. In relationships, you are in a successful relationship where both partners have similar goals and are go-getters. You both support and celebrate each others success.



Birth Date: 23 October to 21 November

Dear Scorpio, this month treat everyone as they deserve to be treated and they will always respect your honesty and decency. In finances, you might feel the temptation to buy lots of things. Put your money into your home at this time. In relationships, you are under significant mental and emotional stress. Try to overcome it.



Birth Date: 22 November to 21 December

Dear Sagittarius, this month a time when people try and knock your ideas. You have a confident and strong character. You have a powerful personality and it is something that should be allowed to flourish. In finances, it is now a great time for wise investment. Do not speculate or spend a lot right now. In relationships, it is time to let go of your ego and simply accept things.


Birth Date: 22 December to 19 January

Dear Capricorn, things are tough now in the month of December. Place your trust in someone who will offer you unexpected and life changing help. In finances, there may be some sacrifices to make. You will be able to do this. In the end, your profit will be great. You will do fine. In relationships, you are filled with negativity. This is a time when you need to be by yourself.



Birth Date: 20 January to 18 February

Dear Aquarius, in the month of December you will try to break the rules, reject orthodox ways and tradition. You will begin to think for yourself and make your own decisions and live by your own rules. Generally, finances are going fine. You might be researching a transportation purchase – plane tickets to dream vacation or a new car. Place priority on debts. In relationships, you will feel emotional insecurity and neediness.



Birth Date: 19 February to 20 March

Dear Pisces, you will go through some arguments and disagreements in the month of December. It is the time to prepare for struggle, opposition and a rough ride. In finances, consider ways to bring more money to your bank account. Tough finances will not be forever. In relationships, the constant rounds of parties and socialising may leave you feeling exhausted and disillusioned so action must be taken.

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Madhu Tiwari is an accomplished tarot card reader and vaastu consultant. She has been helping people understand and solve issues in their careers, relationships and personal lives. This is done via the art of tarot card reading. Follow her monthly taroscopes where she gives a tarot reading for each zodiac sign. Find out more about Little India Directory's tarot card reader at Other articles by this author



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