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Your Monthly Taroscope Reading – February 2017

Mamatha Ramachandra | February 01, 2017


Dear readers, your monthly taroscope is the magical combination of tarot cards and sun signs. Let the cards and your stars show you the way. Here’s what is in store for you in the month of February 2017 Tarascope.

1) Aries(21st March – 19th April): Ten Of Disks

It will be sensible to move ahead with caution to accomplish your objectives, this month.

Work: All your job targets will be met successfully and you can always look for newer things to succeed.

Love: You will have plenty of opportunities to make new love partnerships.

2) Taurus (20th April-20th May): Fortune

Work and work-related matters will occupy you. Seek the help of others when required.

Work: Your hard work will be appreciated by the management.

Love: Love takes a backseat this month as you are busy socializing to improve your career.

3) Gemini (21st May-20th June)Transfiguration

Family will be encouraging in your objectives. Your family will also benefit from your accomplishments.

Work: You will receive recognition at the workplace. Educational opportunities to improve your career skills are also indicated.

Love: Allow love to develop gradually and naturally. Commitment for long term partnership is best postponed.

4) Cancer (21st June- 22nd July): The Messenger

Some of you may feel helpless this month. Fear of the unknown can produce the feeling of drowning or being overwhelmed by emotional drama/trauma.

Work: Positive changes are on the cards, be level headed and think on your feet.

Love: If you are married you could break up with your significant other.

5) Leo (23rd July-22nd August): Nine Of Wands

You may feel like your creativity is blocked. It isn’t. They just need to be re-channeled or re-structured.

Work: If you have not worked to advance yourself in your chosen field, then don’t expect any rewards.

Love: Never settle for a partner in life that you cannot take pride in or respect.

6) Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September): Ace Of Swords

Work: You soon will try a different tactic or may even choose to leave the job that you’re currently in.

Love: It may be a good time to reacquaint yourself with your significant other.

7) Libra (23rd September-22nd October)Ten Of Cups

Basically, this means that whatever you touch this year is sure to turn to gold.

Work: If you want to take on extra freelance work or a second job, this will be the time to do so.

Love: Couples counseling will be a great success during this time.

8) Scorpio (23rd October-21st November): Two Of Cups

During this month you might feel as if you aren’t appreciated for how much you have to offer and do for your loved ones.

Work:  If you’re a freelancer, you might take on a job you had in the past.

Love: If you are single, an old love affair might spark up again.

9) Sagittarius (22nd November- 21st December)Eight Of Coins

You might feel a stronger urge at this time to go within and spend more time alone. Honor this inward pull, since it will nourish your soul in a powerful way.

Work: You will likely take on new responsibilities in your work life.

Love: Try new approaches in order to stabilize your love life.

10) Capricorn (22nd December-19th January): The Lovers

It’s possible that you have plans to launch a new business this year.

Work: You may also hear positive news about agreements or commission split.

Love: Enjoy bright new beginning in your relationships.

11) Aquarius (20th January- 18th February)Three Of Wands

This month will bring you opportunities to enhance your cash flow.

Work: Network with headhunters and be spotted in the right circles.

Love: It will be a game-changing time for you in matters of the heart.

12) Pisces (19th February- 20th March): King Of Stones

You will be asked to step in and help others, which might become a very sticky situation, try not to step on people’s egos.

Work: Weekends will be at the office for this month.

Love: Make it a point to spend quality time every day with yourself

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