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Taroscope Reading For May 2014

Madhu Tiwari | May 01, 2014


Taroscope Reading for 1 May to 31 May 2014

Happy Labour Day! Enjoy your well deserved break from work. While you’re enjoying your cup of morning coffee, lets see what the tarot cards and stars have in store for you in the month of May 2014.


Birth Date: 21 March to 19 April

Dear Aries, this month, there are some positive changes in your life. As long as you are accommodating and accepting of the changes that are coming your way, the transition will be easy and pleasing. In finances, money is coming in just fine, but might be leaving just as quickly. It is essential for you to understand that the universe is abundant. Your needs in both finances and elsewhere will be fulfilled as long as you do what you need to. In relationships, plenty of fun will be coming your way. Use caution, to take any decision. You will learn from your own mistakes. Take care.


Birth Date: 20 April to 20 May

Dear Taurus, in the month of May, expect a new beginning of some sort in your life, possibly on several fronts. It could be in relationships, job or career. In finances, your financial situation is in trouble. Find the solution, and then move forward at a comfortable pace. In relationships, you may start a new love affair or get closer to someone, go beyond formalities with a person you really like. You may also tighten a friendship by sharing information too.


Birth Date: 21 May to 20 June

Dear Gemini, this month you need to rely on inner knowledge and intuition more than your intellect or consciousness. Pay careful attention to what you dream. In finances, it’s important that you do not allow yourself to think too negatively about money. Make the best of what you have. Your finances are generally stable and are going to stay stable. In relationship, don’t just sit at home and imagine it falling out of the sky. Build your own happy fulfilling life and get out and meet people, if you really want love in your life.


Birth Date: 21 June to 22 July

Dear Cancer, this month you may feel that you need some time alone. Don’t be afraid to take it. Even if it’s just a five minute walk around the house so that you can clear your head. In finances, you are probably feeling over-burdened and stressed about money. You will be best served by looking at your situation calmly and dispassionately and making a plan. Be creative in your problem solving and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. In relationship, there is luck and opportunity in matters of the heart. A chance of meeting that results in the development of a long-term relationship.


Birth Date: 23 July to 22 August

Dear Leo, this month, is an important indicator that you have a lot to be grateful for and that you should make a point in the very near future to count your blessings. Everyone wishes for more than they have- more health, money and friends. In finances, your circumstances are very likely to change. Good omen for everyone who has been having a rough time for a while financially. In relationships, it is a great reminder to be aware of how your own fear can be projected onto your partner or romantic relationship.



Birth Date: 23 August to 22 September

Dear Virgo, this month, a woman who has a lot of fire energy (Fire energy means she stands for getting a lot accomplished and a a focus on work/career) will help you. In finances, you may benefit a great deal by taking the counter intuitive step to putting money out of your mind for at least a few hours. You may need a bit of a break, to reassess your spending habits and saving habits. In relationships, be mindful that relationship is based on strong bonds and although temperaments can fly, strong unions can help make the relationship long lasting.


Birth Date: 23 September to 22 October

Dear Libra, the month of May is not a time for spontaneity and freedom. Be careful! Think twice about what you are going to do in the near future. Don’t be impulsive. In finances, it should be on the rise, even if you don’t see it now, may be you will be promoted or find a second job. Whatever the case, you will be presented with opportunities to make more money. In relationship, if you are single, you may need to get honest about how you interact with those you seek relationship with. It’s time to take a look at your fears about love and ask yourself if they are inhibiting you from someone special.


Birth Date: 23 October to 21 November

Dear Scorpio, things are likely to be going well. However be careful that you are not causing problems in your platonic friendships by over attention to your love life. In finances, there is a need for discipline, logic and order to make your finances work better for you. Pay attention to what you have and remember that you are the best steward of what can be. In relationships, allow your partner to have his or her space. If you are single, get out and mingle. Love does not drop out of the sky by itself.



Birth Date: 22 November to 21 December

Dear Sagittarius, in the month of May, if you are trying to jump to conclusions, you can put a stop to it, slow down and give things more thought and to give people “more chances”. In finances, this is not good time to make financial investments. You must consult a professional or do a lot of homework, first. For maximum return, focus on your efforts. In relationships, if you are in a long term relationship, there may be some issues with how you communicate with each other.


Birth Date: 22 December to 19 January

Dear Capricorn, you are likely to find yourself with some mixed feelings about life in general and about a few people in particular. Think before you act. In finances, this is not a time for risky investments, gambling or lottery. Deal with any problems in a straightforward manner. In relationship, take a look at your relationship, it’s quite likely that your old methods of communication have become outdated. The goal is to find a new perspective, a new way of seeing, that will enable the relationship to merge and grow into something new.


Birth Date: 20 January to 18 February

Dear Aquarius you simply can’t plan for everything. Unexpected occurrences are part of life and you should not beat yourself up because of them. Work through any problems that crop up one step at a time. In finances, a strong woman is about to play an important role in your life. There is a lot that you can learn from her. In relationships, if you are in a committed relationship, suddenly you are likely to find yourself feeling closer and happier with your partner than ever before. If you are single, you are about to enter a relationship.


Birth Date: 19 February to 20 March

Dear Pisces, this month allow yourself to fully experience any sorrow or pain that comes up now, so that you can move beyond it. In finances, you may be unsure about what to do with regards to your financial situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help, if you need it. Sometimes an action as simple as reaching out for help may start the wheels turning to bring you prosperity. In relationships, it may indicate a slight delay in how soon you will feel much better about your love life. This is a great time to get out and meet people.

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