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Weekend Comic #1: Making New Years Resolutions

Weekend Comic

#1: Make New Year Resolutions - Featuring Mataji & Puttar

Kisy Kumala Sari | January 02, 2016

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We wanted to usher in the new year by launching a new Weekend Comic! And what a better way than to begin with a tongue-in-cheek look at New Year Resolutions! As Indians, a lot of us (male or female) will be able to relate to making our own new year resolutions and then finding out that our parents have made a whole set of different resolutions on our behalf!

With that in mind, we are featuring our new characters – Mataji & Puttar – as a sneak peek of weekend comics to come!

Weekend Comic Strip: New Year Resolutions - Mataji & PuttarResolution For You, Dear Reader: Share With Us!

Have you discovered yourself in similar situations with your folks? Share them with us!

Do you have a personal, funny story that involves you and your parents that you’d like to see as a future comic, then go ahead and tell us about it in the comments below! We’d love to visualize your funny story!

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Kisy Kumala Sari

Kisy Kumala Sari is an all round creative. She is a graphic designer, cartoonist (check out her Instagram) and illustrator. Having honed her craft with Indonesia's largest female accessory brand, Kisy brings a deep understanding of design to all of her work. She was recently part of the team behind "Pesona Indonesia", an adult coloring book available online. Other articles by this author



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