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What To Wear For Your First Yoga Class

Yijun Liu | January 09, 2017


Let’s face it – exercising is hard.

Be it waking up in the early hours of the morning or dragging yourself to the gym after work, working out is no easy feat. I feel you every time I enter the gym, and I have been there too. However, what if I told you that putting on a stylish pair of sweatpants might possibly make you feel better about working up a good sweat? What if a bold print on your tights could motivate you to work harder on the mat?

Hence, this brings me to the third and final part of this series – what do we wear to yoga classes?


I believe most of us here would like to look good, but most importantly, to feel good as well. If you are a first timer of yoga, it is even more crucial to put on the right gear in order to achieve the prime practice. I cannot emphasise how crucial it is to choose clothing that allows you to move comfortably, regardless of gender.


For ladies, it is always ideal to go for more fitting tops as they are less likely to interfere with yoga positions such as the sarvangasana, the shoulder inversion pose. Be sure to check that the material is comfortable and breathable. If you’re thinking of practising hot yoga, it’ll be even better for you to purchase sweat resistant tops which tend to dry faster than their cotton counterparts. This will prevent you from catching the chills during the shavasana, the resting pose, where the heat is switched off. For men, the same rule applies. Dry fit T-shirts would be best as long as they allow you to move freely in them.


For bottoms, I would strongly encourage full length yoga tights, or yoga capri pants. They allow maximum stretchability, which is always important in yoga. Yoga pants are renowned to be colourful with intriguing prints, so go wild with your selection. Unfortunately, I do not suggest shorts for the very fact that this leaves you more prone to a wardrobe malfunction. If you must, I’ll advise for you to wear an additional layer underneath to prevent that. Loose pants such as joggers are discouraged as they tend to get in the way and are better off when you are running that extra mile on the treadmill. On the other hand, if you cannot find suitable tights, surf shorts are absolutely perfect for men as well.


I usually get my tights from sports brands such as Adidas and Nike, which has served me a long time. I am not afraid to admit that I am still in love with my five year old Adidas tights. However, if I have an extra buck and I’m up for the splurge, I would recommend Lululemon. It is a rising brand from the US that specialises in workout clothes and aims to provide women a top that can be used for yoga, as well as that dinner date after class. Also, the Lululemon outlet at 313 Somerset actually holds free yoga classes (yes you heard me right, free) every now and then, so be certain to check their Facebook page!


One of my personal favourite is Dhurma Bums, which is a brand originating from Australia. This brand aims to empower women by celebrating every size, which is one of the things I appreciate. They also pride themselves in being eco-friendly, where only recycled materials are used in their packaging. You could also check out the independent Singaporean retailer, TouchTheToes, which stocks up all things yoga from different brands like Manduka Women and Lily Lotus. They have a wide range of selections to suit every consumer and their needs, which makes me sing high praises of them. If you’re unsure of the measurement or the fit of the material, you could also go down to their physical store in Haji Lane, which allows you to personally try them.

High Street brands like H&M, Forever 21 and Cotton On Body also carry a fair share of yoga tights and tops, which may be more convenient for the average shopper. Moreover, yoga studios such as Yoga Movement, Yoga Inc and Updog studio reviewed in an earlier article also retail some apparel, which may come in handy if you ever forget your workout attire (which I once did) after a long day work.

I hope this article has helped you in one way or another in discovering what to wear, and where to get them. Always remember the old wives’ saying, comfort is key. The good thing about practising yoga is the fact that footwear doesn’t matter (phew), so that might save you an additional shoebag to carry to work.

With all these options, there is no reason to skip yoga for the year!  Here’s wishing everyone a fruitful, healthy and insightful 2017!

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